In-Building Public Safety Amplification

Emergency Amplification Systems for Fire Code compliance to meet   IEC 2009 & Local -City- Fire District-County- Codes

Design-Engineering-Installation- Inspection-Repair-Testing-Survey

Caught in a "Quote Crunch" For your Project?

We specialize in "Rapid Response" Project design that offers a comprehensive solution for your budget

In house engineering, design and CAD work speed the process to help "Jump Start" your project

Professional installation is performed by our own employees from start to finish to ensure quality

 Coverage testing and cable sweeps ensure proper performance prior to inspections and speed completion

Our services

Cellular Coverage  Building Enhancement
Improve noisy indoor cell phone signals for most carriers.
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Building Survey Services
Local codes may require test and inspection by qualified personnel to verify public safety radio coverage within new or remodeled buildings.
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Family Owned Since 1965

Enterprise Quality Services and Performance
Large enough to provide Enterprise service levels while maintaining hands on quality control.
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Radio Communications Systems and Design

  • Kenwood
  • Harris-M/A Com
  • E F Johnson
  • Vertex
  • Midland
  • Motorola
fire truck

  • Radios for the State Wide Digital P-25 System
  • Private building wide systems
  • Hotel-Security-Education
  • Paging systems
  • Point to Point Microwave
  • Video Security Systems

Dish Network Commercial

Hospitality-Medical Facilities-Office Buildings


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